Location: Long John Silver’s
Time: Now (Well, not anymore.)

I had a small surprise today as I sat down to eat my greasy chicken pieces from the local Long John Silver’s. And it had nothing to do with finding fingers in my coleslaw, either. Instead it had more to do with hearing a good song amongst the usual chain of blah music mourning out of the restaurant’s cheap speakers.

I heard what I eventually recognized as “Dream On.” Yes, “Dream On” that often used and often covered Aerosmith track. I’d say one of the few good Aerosmith tracks, but that wouldn’t be fair as it’s their only song I’ve heard. I didn’t recognize the track at first because, get this, it was sung by a woman. I think.

By the time the song had swelled to its proclamation of “Dream on! Dream on!” etc. I was convinced, absolutely convinced, that what I was hearing was the Celtic Woman. Yes, the Celtic Woman, covering Aerosmith.

Granted “Dream On” is one of the band’s lighter tracks, I was surprised to hear those sweet ladies performing something written by someone as jaded as Steven Tyler. Plus, the song was lovely, with a myriad of woman sharing the vocals. I left with the intention of downloading the tune that the Celtic Woman had had the foresight to share with us – but I was quickly disappointed. I quickly discovered that despite my knowledgeable prediction, that wasn’t a Celtic Woman cover.

A Yahoo Answer link lead me in the right direction, though. “Who’s performing the new cover of “Dream On” – is it a chick?” it read, roughly. Well, I thought, if it isn’t a woman then this is just pretty darn funny. It only took me a second to picture the truth and put it in words “Damien Rice (yes, I have no reason to choose him – he’s Irish though, which is basically Celtic, right?) shows his unexpected ability to transform his voice like into a precious dove like thing capable of evoking comparisons to the various voices collected together through the Celtic Woman.” Oh, if only, if only.

The track is actually (anticlimatic moment coming) Kelly Sweet. Yes, you’ve probably never heard of her, but I have and she’s the man, okay I mean woman, behind the track. Mystery solved. Might want to check it out yourself, or continue under the delusion that it’s a dude. Cause it’s funnier.

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