Welcome to Patrol, a new web magazine dedicated to locating the truly inspired in the fragmented universe of music, art, and media. Today—November 5, 2007—marks is our first day online, and to get started, we’d like to tell you a little about what we’re planning to do.

If you’re already a _Patrol_ reader, then you know all about The CCM Patrol, which began in 2006 as a critical review publication focusing on Christian music. Last week was the final week of operation for The CCM Patrol in its original form. Why? For one, the focus on exclusively Christian-labeled music severely limited our content options, and forced us to constantly subject ourselves (and write about) music we wouldn’t even normally listen to. While many appreciate reviews of Christian music, even most Christians listen to a broader range of stuff than we previously covered. Our broadened focus will not only allow us to address the creative work that actually interests and inspires us, but also art that might resonate with readers who simply need someone to point the way.

But not to worry: many of the features you may have enjoyed won’t be going anywhere: we’ll be reviewing all sorts of music, including religious and classical, in addition to our ever-broadening commentary on the arts and media. _Patrol_ will still critique the critics and review the reviews, holding fast to our reputation for no-nonsense analysis.

Since The CCM Patrol made its name with sharp criticism, critical analysis will form the basis of Patrol‘s content. We’re committed to incisive deconstruction through smart, witty writing. And most of all, we believe that everyone should learn to recognize and appreciate good art. So the primary value of _Patrol_ is to assist the average media consumer in sharpening their critical mindset – recognizing an intricate bass line, a genius production twist, a brilliantly-worded lyric. That’s a goal that has built-in incentive: if everyone knows good music when they hear it, then Fergie no longer sells. Right?

And, of course, we know everyone loves to see a truly terrible piece of work—particularly if it is being bugled as worth your time and coin—put soundly into its place. And _Patrol_ writers are pretty good at that, too. (To see who is writing for the magazine, have a look at our masthead.)

All that said, here’s a little about the regular features you will find on the site: in addition to our features and reviews sections, we have some new additions. The Track Reviews blog will be updated daily (at least most of the time), and will critique new singles, remixes, and whatever random things we stumble upon. Elsewhere In The Arts feed will be updated constantly throughout the day, and will will point you to interesting clips in other publications. And The Scanner, our team blog, has made the trip with us; be sure and check out its updated look.

Welcome to Patrol, and we hope to have you as a regular reader!

(See our About section for information on writing for the magazine or advertising.)

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