This isn’t music, but something needs to be said.

I’m not even sure where to start with this clip.

I go to Patrick Henry College and I had heard that they were making some type of film on campus during the summer.

I had forgotten all about this movie until one of my friends stuck the trailer in my face yesterday.

First I laughed.
Then I got mad.
Then I laughed again.

I laughed because the plot-line seemed so incredibly contrived and artificial. I’m still not entirely sure what would make someone think that the story of a moot court competitor trying to win the national tournament while falling in love/courting his partner and resisting the temptations of his liberal mother would actually have any real artistic value outside of pure novelty.

It reminds me of one of those Billy Graham movies that they used to put out about once a year, you remember, “The Ride,” “The Climb,” “The Acid Trip.”

Those films would always be this slightly engaging yet insipidly moralistic movie where at the end of the day, good beat evil, the boy gets the girl (or at least her hand) and the altar call was tearfully accepted. In the grand scheme of things there was little redeeming value for these movies outside the realms of Christian exclusionary “culture.” It’s not that people hate the Christian message; they just hate having it driven down their throats in a sadistically brutish and crude fashion. With classic lines like, “Do the right thing,” and “Ok team, are we ready to dismantle Roe v. Wade?” Advent Film Group seemed to be the proud continuers of the Billy Graham tradition of innovative artistic excellence.

This is about the time I got mad, because while people have all the right in the world to make boring unimaginative art, I don’t want to be attached to their productions. If it wasn’t bad enough that the film was set at Patrick Henry College, Advent Film Group never ceases to take every opportunity to talk about utilizing home schoolers and a working relationship with PHC. This isn’t the type of work that I want representing my college, my educational choice or even my faith. AFG claims:

“We don’t want poor-quality movies that evangelize to Christians because nobody else can tolerate them. We want to make authentic movies about Christians facing tough moral, real-life issues; imperfect people who happen to hold a Christian worldview.”

But unless this trailer is the most deceiving misrepresentation of the films actual content, that’s exactly what this film is, a poor-quality (at least content wise) movie, only digestible by culture starved Christians and Mystery Science Theater 3000 enthusiasts.

If Christians want to change culture, or at least make an impact in culture, they have to actually create meaningful, imaginative and beautiful art which can contribute to the culture around them.
Come What May, unfortunately, will serve as little more as safe viewing material for Friday night youth group meetings and a laugh track for anyone with half an appreciation for true beautiful art.

Advent Film Group has big plans and some lofty goals (see this video), but until they learn to write something substantive, these productions will be little more than Heartsong romance novels for the small screen.

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