If you just really get into overpriced 90’s power love rock, then you should pay attention to the 9:30 Club’s website because the band with the arguably hardest to Google name in history will be playing a surprise show at the club on March 13th.

That’s right.


The band who told you that they,”want to dance where the dolphin’s cry all over you in heaven and…,”

oh forget it, I can’t string any more of their singles together, I’m not that creative and it just brings back too many FM blaring evenings.

If you really get into shaved head, shirtless men with intimidating stares serenading screaming women with similar sounding melodramatic songs, then you should fork out the $41.00 a ticket (after service charges) and become part of the throng on that thursday night.

This show isn’t advertised yet, but as resourceful internet users and loyal Patrol readers you should be able to find the link to the tickets online.

I could post it, but I’d rather make you work for it.

“Surprise! At the Club! Live
Thursday, 3/13/08, 7:30PM EDT
9:30 Club
Washington, DC, USA
Select a Price Level (all amounts in USD)
GENADM $35.00 “


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