IMing the Grammys | Feb 11 on Patrol

So since the Grammy Awards are about music, we’re sort of obligated to say something about them. And since they’re manifestly irrelevant (just look at this years nominations), we’re also obligated to not take them all that seriously. Thus, in order to simultaneously fulfill our duties as a definitive cultural publication and maintain our reputation for staying undisturbed by the mainstream sea, a compromise has been hatched.

As everyone knows, some of the funniest, most insightful commentary on movies, music, or life in general isn’t found in popular publications. Almost all of us have a stock of witty criticism tucked away in our email inboxes, instant message logs, and text messages, tucked away for occasional recollection and amusement. So we decided to hand everyone at our Grammy watch party a computer, on which they will take down their scathing one-liners and scintillating critiques. As the show goes on. In real time.

So yeah, we sound a bit like blogginghead nerds, but it’s going to be fun. Probably more than a little juvenile, but entertaining nonetheless. Consider yourself invited! (Transcript will be published first thing Monday morning).

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