With a small little link, the semi-popular band Radiohead has completely altered my day and concentration.

May 11th, Nissan Pavillion in Bristow, Virginia.

David Sessions and I are crafting a brilliant and cunning strategy to ensure that we shall worship close to the alter of Thom. This strategy involves late night planning, early morning computer clicking and intense discussion over the merits of GA pit seats versus seated sitting.


David: omg. we want to sit together, though.
Nathan: honestly, i will do whatever it takes to go
even if i have to sit with oprah, or hillary

Davidi hope they have it seated instead of a pit
Nathan: hah, they aren’t it says so on ticketmaster, “Gates will open at 6:00pm. This event has a GENERAL ADMISSION PIT. There will be no seating in the pit area and location is on a first come, first serve basis. For the location of the pit, please use GENERAL ADMISSION PIT seating chart.
David: oh, okay i see it. i hate pits though

Nathan: but it means we could get close
David: at the pavillions
Nathan: and radiohead pit will not be like my chem.
David: you can’t see
Nathan: promise
David: but even in the lowest seated sections, you’re still right there, and you can see sooo much better.
Nathan: its hard to get seated seats though, those things sell so fast. There are more GA tickets and you can push your way up
David: ok

See what my amazing rhetorical skills can accomplish? I beat David over the head with my own opinion and he finally gave up. That’s how good argument works. Don’t listen to the other person, just keep repeating your own thoughts.

For the record, I would sleep with many old nasty women for Radiohead tickets (just in case any old rich Radiohead loving women might be reading).

Be warned.

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