Dear David,

Maybe your problem is not so much the location of your ticket, but the target of your live concert affection. I mean, c’mon, you were at a show where My Chemical Romance was headling, what did you expect?
I shouldn’t mock you at all, we’ve all had moments that forever shaped our future concert going habits. Yours may have been MCR, mine was The Fray.


Yes, there was a time when Nathan Martin listened to the sweet seductive tunes of Isaac Slade and company. I met the kid when they were opening for Weezer and Ben Folds. He was pretty chill, they wrote a few catchy ditties, and didn’t mind the fact that The Fray was destined for 2.7 seconds in the spotlight.

Fast forward a year when the band was playing the sold out 9:30 Club. I bought tickets for ten dollars because I bought the tickets a month or two before the band went completely for broke on MTV, and I was interested to see how the boys had progressed.

You know Hobbes’s whole line about life being “nasty, brutish, and short,” that pretty much could have described the musical performance and environment engendered by the Fray.

Never in my life have I had my ears so absolutely destroyed by so many feminine voices. Decibels that I thought were unreachable by human voiceboxes were met and shattered during the course of The Fray’s pompous, smirking, “we have arrived,” underwhelming set.

I vowed to never again go to a concert where they quit checking I.D.’s at the door and just crossed everyone’s hands with a double X.


When someone leaves a comment saying,

“dang i h8 how the audience sigz.EVERY SINGLE ONE of them SUX so itz annoying 2 every1 who wantz to ACTUALLY LISTEN… but i still luv the video and song wud b better if THEY WOULD STOP SINGIN!!!”

You know it was bad.

So yes David, there are people who agree with you.

If, heaven forbid, we were going to see OneRepublic, I would be perfectly fine with sitting up out of the pit. But we’re not, we’re going to see one of the greatest bands of our generation, and if we’re inside the gates, it doesn’t matter where we end up.

Now, lets stop complaining and talk about something that really matters.

Like maybe how Relevant Magazine might be the most wanna-be hip and cutting edge publication existing in the world today. Every time I pick up its latest issue, I can almost hear the ghosts of writers past screaming out, “we’re trendy, we’re not CCM, look at us, we put Bob Dylan on the cover one time.”


Your “CD reviews,” are even a bigger joke than CCM Magazine. I have yet to read a “mini review” from you which actually had something worthwhile to say. You just take your little formula for spiritual content, artistic quality, and whatever the other one is, and then spit out a meaningless number for the readership to blindly digest.

Hip? Cutting edge? Relevant?

Your content is nearly always five months behind the curve, and your biggest risk is putting the content page inside the back cover.


You’re about as progressive as the pastor who untucks his shirt, spins the chair around, and tells the kids, “I wanna talk straight with you.”

You’re just a wanna-be CCM Magazine for the wanna-be hipster kid.

Enjoy the money.

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Nathan Martin

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