So. I made a decision yesterday that my life had become too college-centric and that I need a change of scenery/perspective. While some people can quiet these epiphanies with a glass of wine or a trip to the movie theater; my epiphanies usually end far more dramatically.

I re-watched _Almost Famous_ this weekend, probably one of my top five favorite movies all time, and felt like I heard an alter call. I’m not one of those Christians who get down with the “recommit your life to Christ” bit, but if I was, _Almost Famous_ was the sermon I needed to hear.

It reminded me of everything that I loved about music and writing, and also asked, “what the heck are you doing wasting your time worrying so much about junior high drama at college?”

That realization may have been the end for most people, but I have friends who enable me to do things that might not be the wisest, i.e. make an impromptu road trip to Chicago this weekend.

Delta Spirit is playing a sold out show with
Matt Costa and Jonathan Rice Friday night, and my friend Grace has been planning on driving up to the show for awhile. She doesn’t have tickets to the show, but just knew that she would get in somehow- she’s also been trying to seduce me into going with random quotations from rock-lit.

It worked.

I called Delta Spirit up to ask if I drove up to the show would they have some time to talk, Jon said that they would and that he would put Grace and I on the guest list for the show.


I’m going to Chicago.

I leave Thursday, get back Saturday, and just might have a mountain top experience on the way.

Why should you care?

I’m going to be documenting this trip the best I can with videos, pictures and hastily scrawled words. I’m also getting hip with the new technology and trying out Twitter this weekend.

So, even if you don’t have an account, go here to follow my exploits.

If you don’t know how this works, Twitter is all about allowing people to blog when they really don’t have much to say. So sign up for an account, activate your cell phone and you can blog via cell-phone, IM or typing into the little glowing box at the top of your screen. You can also have the updates from your friends sent to your cell phone so that as I navigate the chilly city of Chi-cago, you can experience my frantically keypad typed frustration.

Sign up, follow the adventure (and others like it), I’m sure we’ll have more stuff in here about it, and I do promise not to use abbreviations in my texting.

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