“South by….”

That’s what everybody calls it down here…

I personally don’t like to abbreviate things that are already abbreviated. I guess I am old fashioned like that.

I got in to Austin last night at 10:25 pm. Shawn picked me up from the airport (he drove from MO – he gets the spirit award) and we immediately headed downtown for the shenanigans. It was a little light, but things are picking up today. The event I spoke and played at today went well. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation with the people I met there over dinner tonight. We’re also attending a PASTE Magazine event later this evening.

Just from the meetings we’ve had today, it is very clear that people are acknowledging the paradigm shift in the industry. I found these quotes in the SXSWorld Magazine:

“The music industry will be fine…but the record industry – the ones that sell plastic discs – they are in a lot of trouble. The companies damming up the works by clinging to outdated business models will either collapse, or be forced to change.” – Jason Schwartz (Robber Baron Music)

“We need a system that compensates musicians and gives them a voice in how their art is created, licensed and distributed.” – Ann Chaitovitz (Future of Music Coalition)

Amen. And how.

More tomorrow…I’m off to hussle and learn.

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