Just like you beg some artist to release another record, another song, there are those individuals that you eagerly await the latest products of their keyboard tappings.

They are the ones who manage to always manage to capture something beautiful about the world and then they show it to you in a way that you couldn’t have quite seen yourself. They keep their hands close to the very pulse of what lives and breathes and regardless of whether you will have any true connection to that person in life outside of the computer screen; you don’t want to lose their words.

When I woke up this morning at 5:50 to go to work, I had a new message in my inbox from one such person. As long as I’ve read Lina Morin, she’s always found a way to grab snippets of life and place them into a bright kaliedoscopic collage of prose that somehow makes complete sense. Even though she never gets to the Phosphorescent portion of the night, her review/account of Bon Iver’s performance at The Independent on Sunday perfectly explains why I’ve been pestering her for a long time to write for Patrol.

This band reminds me of what would happen if you took T.V. on the Radio’s vocals and combined them with a more honest less commercialized version of Iron & Wine. The songs are stripped, raw, and completely powerful. They need quietness, company and a slow burning fire.

Check them out above or below:
Bon Iver

I’m off to the DC9 and Delta Spirit.

hope you enjoy her thoughts.
hopefully they won’t be the last time she writes for us.


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