After a couple days to let it sink in, P.O.D.’s latest album has finally left me with a feeling of satisfaction. The first few listens were trying, if only because the melodies are few and far between, the vocals dissonant, and the production values surprisingly sparse.

Critical reaction has been mixed, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Anytime a band with such a vocal fan base shakes up its sound notably, riots happen. Less “die-hard” fans (like me) find the new expressions refreshing. The Christian market is having a fit over the inclusion of the word “damn” in the track “Kaliforn-Eye-A,” but it doesn’t seem to be hurting sales just yet, particularly as the album hasn’t been pulled from conservative outlets so far.

This fusion of metal, jazz, and reggae has never really been touted to the mainstream before, particularly by a band with so much radio-play and street cred. Further analyses are sure to be mixed, but mark my words, this band has stumbled across an inadvertent masterpiece by pushing their sound in new, sometimes uncomfortable ways.

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