One of the world’s most talented pop-punk bands (top of the bottom of the barrel?) plan on flexing their prolific muscle with two non full length albums scheduled this side of summer. About the 13 song EP entitled The Nashville Tennis EP lead singer Matthew Thiessen says “We know its a lot of songs for an EP. Whatever.” This, along with The Bird And The Bee Sides should make for quite the catchy summer soundtrack to totally make out to.

Not to be outdone Switchfoot has recorded a new original song, “This Is Home,” for the next literary classic butchering of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The song will be featured as you throw your popcorn during the end credits of the film (whilst C.S. Lewis turns in his grave), and will appear on the Walt Disney Records Soundtrack releasing May 13. The band recently taped a music video for the new song in Los Angeles with director Brandon Dickerson who filmed their most recent video, “Awakening.”

And, Jump5 founders Brandon and Brittany Hargest have (finally) announced the genesis of their new pop/rock act, Guest. The brother-sister duo will make their debut at B.B. King’s on April 22nd, during Gospel Music Week in Nashville. Jump5 broke up last fall after selling 1.4 million records and giving tweens everywhere music to totally make out to.

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