StromboCanada’s only current (and therefore most popular) late night talk show, CBC’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, continues its somewhat surprising forray into Christian culture with an ever burgeoning list of spiritual guests. From Reverend Billy G’s children Anne and Franklin, to XXXChurch “Porn Pastor” Craig Gross, the show (along with the Daily Show and Colbert) are putting an unprecedented focus on the religious pulse of the times. Although critics accuse that his laid back style and super cool demeanor aren’t much more than a gimmick, he deserves kudos for conversational, issue driven interviews, and a refreshing lack of product plugs from his guests.

[Below, clips of Strombo with former athiest Alister McGrath, and Reverends Tony Campolo, Creflo A. Dollar, and Franklin Graham]

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Jordan Kurtz

0 Responses to ‘The Hour’ goes to church…again

  1. David Sessions says:

    It’s amusing how much this guy sounds like John Stewart. Props for the Alister McGrath interview … I’d love to hear his accent and brain vs. Christopher Hitchens.

  2. Scott Orr says:

    thanks for posting about the hour. canadians really do like this guy, he’s one of the only canadian personalities that doesn’t embarrass us. hey dave, george is way better then stuart. george doesn’t laugh at his own jokes!

  3. David Sessions says:

    I meant literally the sound of his voice…

  4. Scott Orr says:

    oh dave, i didnt tell you, i drove to peekskill last week and saw josh ritter,
    why dont i just email you. what am i doing? what’s wrong with me? why am i posting this here?

  5. Jordan Kurtz says:

    I like George’s interview style a little better, but I think Jon’s a lot funnier. The reason George doesn’t laugh at his own jokes is cause they’re not good jokes.

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