Switchfoot I love Switchfoot. Ever since the opening chords of “Meant to Live” first touched my eardrums I have been a big fan of the Christian rock gods of San Diego who rule with a mighty fist of distortion.

They recently dropped Columbia, however, and decided to go the route of the “independent band.” After two somewhat mediocre albums, this could be a really good thing, right? Then I saw the video for their new song, “This is Home,” which will be featured on the upcoming Prince Caspian soundtrack. And I cried.

It’s not that it’s completely different from anything that they’ve ever done before or doesn’t sound anything like them. That’s the problem, rather. Both musically and lyrically, it is an easily forgettable re-hash of their worst songs. Hopefully, this is just a song that that they had no motivation to record because they were working on their actual album. Maybe? But with Jon Foreman heralding it as, “our first venture as an independent band,” I’m not going to hold my breath.

If this is home I want to run away.

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