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Taking a cue from Dr. Veith’s most excellent blog, it’s worth noting how bad Jason Castro’s cover of “Mr. Tambourine Man,” was on American Idol last night.

Besides the fact that the kid looks like his greatest fashion hero is Davy Jones, there is nothing inspiring, soulful or even beautiful about his version of Dylan’s classic. He sounds like any other generic sounding whining face pseudo rocker who tries to look tough, but probably drinks Vitamin Water and Smirnoff Ice when he’s off-stage.

Seriously, this is right up there with Korn’s raping of Radiohead as one of the most uninspired covers of all-time. This is also the reason why I have trouble watching American Idol, most of the people just don’t have any real personality or soul. I tuned in for Andrew Lloyd Weber night and watched the contestants stay on the surface of some absolutely classic songs, I yawned far too many times.

The comments following the performance:
Paula: “Obviously it didn’t blow us away, but you blow me away,”

Simon: “I’d pack your suitcase.”

Dr Veith: “You can’t be like Bob Marley just by having dreadlocks! You’ve got to have. . .well. . .soul. Not just external packaging. That would help also if you are going to sing a Bob Dylan song, that and remembering the words. If Jason doesn’t get voted off tonight, whether because of some sympathy vote or because of the “vote the worst” crowd or because teeny-boppers think he is cute, I’m going to have to seriously re-evaluate my faith in democracy.”

I’ll take Veith and Simon over the American people and Paula.

An American Idol cover from the past that didn’t suck:

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