Gotee Records, known for one of the more diverse collection of artists on any major Christian label (Grits, Relient K, Mars ILL, Family Force 5, etc) is now a fully independent company after purchasing the minority stake back from EMI Christian Music Group.

You see, your favorite “indie” label is most likely a smaller subsidiary of a faceless major multi-national corporation. At best they’re an independent label having their CDs distributed by a faceless major multi-national corporation (prompting some to redub the current “music” business, the “CD” business ). That being said, it is quite a rare occasion for a label pushing 10x platinum to re-acquire all facets of said company. Thus we’d be polite to give a small tip of the hat to Toby McKeehan and his goat faced cohorts. Tip

“One key element of this transition is a shift from configuration-based contracts to content-based contracts. The talent signed to the label will be constantly creating and releasing music, and in return the marketing will be ongoing. The family-oriented label has reached more than 70 million dollars in gross sales, selling nearly 8 million albums to date. Gotee Records has also racked up five albums as certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), as well as garnering four GRAMMY nods, 12 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and over 60 Dove Award nominations.” –

Whether this move will give Gotee CEO TobyMac any “street cred” is yet to be seen. Nothing says street cred like 40 year-old white Christian rap-rockers from Washington.

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