Fresh Fire Ministries preacher Todd Bentley.

From Leap Of Faith to Marjoe, the prospect and possibility of healing and revival, especially in a corporate context has been of immeasurable interest to Christians and non-Christians alike. Faith healings, fake healings, miracles, and money, revival can be an understandably controversial subject even in the most open-minded of circles. So what happens when people without a financial or political agenda claim the impossible?

Since April 3rd, the Florida Healing Outpouring has been taking place in Lakeland, Florida. Ignited Church originally invited Todd Bentley (the world’s most tattooed and therefore coolest preacher) to speak and minister for a few days, but meetings continued daily (now about 56 days as of May 26th). The meetings have been planned “indefinitely.”

According to Wikipedia: “Many people attending or watching via TV or the internet have claimed miraculous healings, and as of May 24th, 13 people have claimed to be raised from the dead.”

Go here to see some of the happenings on video.

As a 90’s church kid raised in North America, I feel forever caught in doubter’s limbo. On the one hand, I have purposely and intellectually based my worldview around a God that (if He wanted to) could move mountains, heal the sick, and raise the dead. On the other hand, I’m cripplingly self aware of how ridiculous these ideas often seem to my secular (and cynical Christian) contemporaries, not to mention myself.

Its important to understand that disbelieving a miracle does not equate disbelief in God. But its also important to understand that as Christians our skepticism is built upon a foundation that fervently believes in the potentially miraculous. Even if, and really, especially if, that involves dead people becoming … less dead. You remember Jesus…

Regardless, the deplorable faith healing past, so overwrought with scandal and spiritual abuse that it warrants its own Wikipedia entry, is a very real very hard-edged line in the sand between the would be faithful and faithless.

As a sidenote, “slaying in the spirit” has to be the most bizarre, frightening thing to non-Christians.

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