Bon Voyage’s own MySpace page describes them as “Starflyer 59 with a girl singing.” A statement both accurate and hilarious. Originally a one time Velvet Blue 7″, the Starflyer side project consisting of Jason Martin and wife Julie, became an almost bonafide band (sans any real touring) and now find themselves on the heels of their 3rd full length release via Tooth And Nail Records.

Its hard to miss the similarity between Julie’s voice and that of Amy Millan (Stars, Broken Social Scene, duh). The new track “Monster” adds to that a synth or two, and a “Set Yourself On Fire” inspired electro beat. Even the cover art between BV’s forthcoming Lies record and Millan’s Honey From The Tombs bares quite a similarity.

As an indefinite two or three piece, Bon Voyage is capable of only a fraction of the same spacey dream pop that Stars (a 5+ piece) seem to pull off with startling ease. It would though, in the end be a pretty unfair comparison to keep up for long. Bon Voyage makes lovely music a lot of the time, and when avoiding the tendency to sound like the obvious sum of its parts (Starflyer twang here, Joy Electric blip there) they find quite a unique way of doing things.

In other Tooth And Nail news, the signing of Capital Lights, Since October, Secret & Whisper, and Corey Crowder, along with the loss of Anberlin and Mae to major labels means that you can now find all the world’s most boring rock and emo in one great place!

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