So here’s how rare it is for something sort of fresh and different to top the CCM charts. It makes the news.

For a second consecutive week in a row Newworldson has topped the Gospel Music Channel Top 30 with “Working Man.” I mean its not mindblowing, but its pretty good. You know, a little bit of spice every now and then? BAM! It could be one of the best Canadian Christian exports in a while (take that Hokus Pick).

In unrelated Canadian news George Stromboulopoulos will spend all of Friday’s hour long episode with Coldplay. You’ll be able to see the episode in its entirety after it airs at

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  1. Validly says:

    That was interesting. they might be one of the better major label Christian bands out there.

  2. Mark Weber says:

    NewWorldSon is my favorite band; they’ll be at Kingdom Bound this August (— I’ve seen them live twice and can’t wait for the third time. Great guys, great music…check them out at or go to my site, for an interview with the band!

  3. Luke says:

    Interesting is really the only way to put it. Decent band + Sunday morning kids service lyrics + white buy beatboxing = … Like I said, “Interesting”.

  4. nathan says:

    someone sent me this band a while back and wanted me to check them out.

    i went to the website.
    listened to the music.
    and was suitably bored.

    my opinion really hasn’t changed.
    it sounds like you could produce this in mass quantities and it wouldn’t sound any different.

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