As (I can safely assume) one of the only Patrol writers with a penchant for many things face melting, I’m going to make this quick like a band-aid, in hopes of avoiding the onslaught of indier-than-thou blarguments (which I admit to enjoying, when not the victim). Hey, even thugs need hugs.

Having just finished filming the music video for their new song “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures,” Underoath (responsible for perfecting and then murdering screamo) are set to release their new album Lost In The Sound Of Separation on Sept 2nd. In an effort to throwdown the hype, they’ve leaked the aforementioned song via online chat which was then re-leaked (syphoned?) onto YouTube.

You can download a pretty poops and bums quality mp3 of it here, and check out graphic designer Kevin Conor’s early cover art concepts and sketches here. Also I talked to keyboardist Chris Dudley once. It’s here.

Moving on. In what is slowly unfolding as a series of heartbreaking events, Chino Moreno has taken another young Christian band hostage to his recent coup of bush league-ary, inexplicably pushing his pseudo-artsy chauch-rock agenda on the unsuspecting churched and unchurched alike.

The Deftones frontman took Dead Poetic under his wing after their landmark (and only) exceptional record New Medicines, “worked his magic,” helped them “reinvent themselves,” then watched as an isolated fan base waned.

Now he’s set his sights on Norma Jean. The same Norma Jean that have spent 3 albums killing you to death with their ferocity. Below is the resulting indifference.

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