The Awkward Adventures of Levi JohnstonLevi Johnston wins the prize for most painful-to-watch face during Sarah Palin's RNC speech last night. You remember him: he's the guy who wanted to sink through the floor the entire evening (a.k.a., Bristol Palin's 18-year-old babydad).

Talk about your sins being shouted from the rooftops. Try worldwide satellite. Sitting front-center (at least from a TV perspective) with the Palin family last night, Johnston got about three shades greener each time Bristol held his hand. And let's not even mention when he had to shake McCain's hand on stage (chewing gum, mind you) or was left out of the baby pass as little Trig circulated the family.

While Palin thumbs her nose at media criticism, Obama's Greek columns, replaces "soccer mom" with "hockey mom," and leaves Hillary fuming at having lost sexy to a Alaskan moose hunter, her family is learning whole new PR skills real fast.

Even little Piper probably got pulled aside and instructed to never again lick her hand and slick down her baby brother's hair.

No announced date yet for the Johnston/Palin wedding. No ring yet either (except a tattoo of Bristol's name around Johnston's ring finger). But of course they're getting married. Not much choice there. How'd you like to be stamped a dead-beat-dad by an international audience at 18?

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