NBC has banished Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from Election Night anchoring.  As analysts instead, they can air their opinions without the restraints of non-partisanship and objectivity.    

The move may pacify Republicans, who spurned NBC's Republican National Convention coverage for Fox (of course) and CNN.  McCain's campaign has voiced "deep concerns about the news standards and level of objectivity at NBC," criticizing reporter Andrea Mitchell for "giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims." 

But Gawker issues a desperate plea to MSNBC to stay crazy: "Bickering and barely concealed contempt are the stuff of high drama! … If people wanted Brian Williams and David Gregory to cover everything quietly and politely they'd actually watch your evening news." One million nightly viewers choose Olbermann's show instead.  

Why not stay crazy?  The dull veneer of objectivity wears thin, and opinionated commentary is just more transparent, honest commentary. At least you know they're biased!


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Alisa Harris

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  1. Don Sparrow says:

    I reacted to this news with some relief. Even though I often agreed with their opinions, they were misplaced as straight news anchors. David Gregory is a natural replacement, and is something of a pistol himself—though one who knows where to draw the line. The bickering and partisanship on MSNBC’s telecasts were a major distraction, and while they may make interesting YouTube viewing, these exchanges were pretty unpleasant to watch live. Had either Olbermann or Matthews been able to play it down the middle, this wouldn’t be such a necessary move, but they seem to bring out the worst in each other. They are much better suited for analysis than “hosting”.

    And while Olbermann’s own show does get the best ratings on MSNBC, his Convention coverage was also dead last among the three cable news outlets. It’s not as though it wasn’t broke, exactly.

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