Well done ladies. Not only has America just seen the first real presidential bid by a woman and now the first potential woman vice president,* but lipstick has become the political buzzword.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

Of course we all know that lipstick symbolizes female power. Cleopatra wore it. Queen Elizabeth wore it. The suffragists wore it. In the late 1700's the British Parliament passed a law saying that a woman wearing lipstick could be tried for witch craft. Obviously, if all those DWEMs hated it, it's gotta be a good thing.

Back in the unliberated nineteenth century, lipstick was only for street girls and prostitutes. Today, it is power in a tube. Take that Obama. Or McCain. Or whoever dares argue.  

But, just a plea from the peanut gallery… while women and their wax colored lips dominate the focal point of the debate these days, can they try and use that power to get away from the repetitiously petty bickering?

C'mon, we're being presented with the prospect of someday having Stephen Colbert clones ruling the world and all Obama/McCain have to argue about is pigs and cosmetics?

Let's go back to fighting about Bush, Bin Laden, or even Kim Jong-il again for a while. Remember those guys and the good ol' days when we argued about them?

*Correction: Palin is the second female candidate for vice-president.

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