From Mae drummer Jacob Marshall’s blog:

“Happy birthday Singularity! What a self fulfilling prophecy… This time last year we were in Time Square celebrating the release of our first (and only) major label record. As all things converged into a single black hole, and EMI was bought up by Terra Firma, we were smashed against a large brick wall and we broke. We lost two long time members. We parted ways with our manager. Ultimately, we parted ways with Capitol. As we rubbed our eyes and looked around, we decided that there was still enough life inside to give this another shot. We picked up the pieces and slowly inched forward.

Now, after the last few months of planning and gearing up for a new season, I am proud to say that we will be making our most meaningful statement yet. We are over half way through with a new batch of songs that are the most musical yet. We have split our time between Drexel University working with amazing student engineers and are returning home to Earthsound with Mark Padgett to finish some tracking and mixing. For those hoping for a return to the sonic pallet of Destination:Beautiful… you will have it. We have come full circle. We have come home. We are as independent as we were when we started. We have six years of experience behind us and a blank canvas laid out before us. We have more ambition than ever before and I am excited to share the ride with you.”

I’m encouraged in one sense, because save for a few singles, Singularity was incredibly underwhelming, and left 99% of Mae fans scratching their piano loving heads. I think we’re all pretty relieved that they’ve come “full circle.” Why they couldn’t just progress in some sort of realistic linear way is a mystery I guess.

And the whole thing isn’t very surprising. I couldn’t see the day to night type genre shift really working in their favor. Also our radio station hadn’t received a single since the album dropped, which either means that there’s another record on the way really soon, or that they’ve been lost in the label shuffle.

As time ticks away I’m more and more tempted to believe in the so called Tooth And Nail curse. Other than the newly signed Anberlin (and a split deal for The Almost with Virgin) there has never been a lasting major label graduate from the T&N roster. Not one.*

*(P.O.D. doesn’t count, as they had already signed with Atlantic when the Warriors EP released).


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