Tonight’s SNL premiere is creating buzz. Even election-crazy FOX news is trying to figure out who will play Sarah Palin. (Hint: Palin look-alike Tina Fey is the favorite.) With golden, half-fish Michael Phelps set to host, it’s one of the most anticipated premiers in recent history.

Creating even more hype was the slated cameo by Barack Obama, which he cancelled in the gloomy wake of Hurricane Ike. And rightfully so. Imagine the numerous side-by-sides would have surely appeared: shots of a wide-mouthed Obama hugging SNL cast members nestled next to pictures of a stoic, dirty-tank-topped women holding a broken picture in one hand while the other hand wanders through her greasy hair. As Obama’s staffers said, not canceling would have been “inappropriate.”

Or maybe not.

According to Jonathan Rajala and Trevor Blake, college students who waited in line for 11 hours last night to get tickets for tonight’s premiere, Obama’s team may be reconsidering. While huddled underneath a tree outside NBC studios, one of the season’s new extras emerged from the set to talk with the rain-drenched die hards.

 “The guy was psyched; he was living his dream,” said Blake. After those gathered around began lamenting Obama’s cancellation, the cast member assured them: “I’m not supposed to say a whole lot, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be there.”  

To be fair, the newbie might have just been trying to make himself look important. But he could have been telling the truth. If so, when those photo side-by-sides appear on Monday, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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