Apparently it’s Christian porn: women both behind the pulpit and on the cover of a Christian magazine. Gospel Today’s latest issue features women pastors, and now 100 Southern Baptist-run LifeWay Christian Bookstores are pulling the magazine from their shelves and hiding it under their counters.  

The magazine isn’t dangerous enough to ban completely since you can still buy it if you ask for it. But with 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling and Sarah Palin possibly about to bust it with her pretty little head, these are sensitive times. Perhaps the Baptists are correct to keep unwitting, unsuspecting Palin-devotees from seeing the headline, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling,” and beginning to naively wonder why women can have authority over all the men in the United States of America and not the men in the pews of the First Baptist Church.

But the Baptists should keep a tighter leash on their website, where the same gullible types might wander and see books advocating not just spurious doctrines like infant baptism and the emergent church, but also gender equality. Maybe it’s time for an under-the-counter online.

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Alisa Harris

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