The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is highlighting Barack Obama’s “stunning … diabolical deceit” in a YouTube series entitled, “7 Reasons Why Barack Obama is Not a Christian.” The CADC says Obama is “defaming the Christian faith” because he claims to be a Christian while embracing dubious theology and politics.   

Their first video subtly opens with that infamous picture of Obama in an apron and turban, notes that he says there are many paths to God, and ends with the somber query, “Who are you going to believe? Jesus Christ or Barack Obama?” (As you can see, Obama looks cranky and Jesus looks kind of like a bearded Uma Thurman.)

The CADC has a disturbingly narrow definition of “Christian.” Obama is also not a Christian because he supports homosexuality and abortion, affirms Muslim prayer, is “associated” with Black Liberation theology, and “has no bona fide Christian testimony.” So what counts as a bona fide Christian testimony? Certainly not walking down a church aisle to answer an altar call because you “heard God’s spirit beckoning," or maybe that counts if it's not Jeremiah Wright's church.

Obama’s Christian testimony is probably more bona fide than my conversion prayer as a four-year-old child; but of course I’m pro-life, so that ramps up my Christian cred. Let's skip the flailing judgmentalism and hysterical heart-reading and just focus on Obama's politics, shall we?


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