The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is highlighting Barack Obama’s “stunning … diabolical deceit” in a YouTube series entitled, “7 Reasons Why Barack Obama is Not a Christian.” The CADC says Obama is “defaming the Christian faith” because he claims to be a Christian while embracing dubious theology and politics.   

Their first video subtly opens with that infamous picture of Obama in an apron and turban, notes that he says there are many paths to God, and ends with the somber query, “Who are you going to believe? Jesus Christ or Barack Obama?” (As you can see, Obama looks cranky and Jesus looks kind of like a bearded Uma Thurman.)

The CADC has a disturbingly narrow definition of “Christian.” Obama is also not a Christian because he supports homosexuality and abortion, affirms Muslim prayer, is “associated” with Black Liberation theology, and “has no bona fide Christian testimony.” So what counts as a bona fide Christian testimony? Certainly not walking down a church aisle to answer an altar call because you “heard God’s spirit beckoning," or maybe that counts if it's not Jeremiah Wright's church.

Obama’s Christian testimony is probably more bona fide than my conversion prayer as a four-year-old child; but of course I’m pro-life, so that ramps up my Christian cred. Let's skip the flailing judgmentalism and hysterical heart-reading and just focus on Obama's politics, shall we?


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12 Responses to Why Barack Obama is Going to Hell

  1. Tim says:

    chuckles . . . the CADC. (chuckles again.)

    • Mike says:

      So the Jews got slaughtered in WW2… I wouldn’t be suprised if we see a worse attrocity against the Christians in the coming WW3.

  2. Don Sparrow says:

    Well said, Alisa. While I may not support Obama (actually, being Canadian I don’t truly “support” anyone, at least not with a real, like, vote) I would never say he’s not a Christian. We can talk about each candidate’s stand on issues, and how that lines up with our personal faith, but to make conclusions from those policies about another person’s soul is simply presumptuous to the point of foolishness.

  3. Jacob says:

    “Let’s skip the flailing judgmentalism and hysterical heart-reading and just focus on Obama’s politics, shall we?”

    I’m assuming you didn’t mean that we should ignore his religious beliefs, because that would be stupid. One’s political beliefs are clearly shaped by one’s religious beliefs.

  4. micah says:

    i give obama the benefit of a doubt when he says he’s a christian. and, even if he does affirm some questionable things, i don’t think that necessarily precludes him, either. lots of “true” christians (a dubious designation, to be sure, though i use it in the sense that john does when he talks about those who are truly “of us”) have their own whacky and biblically questionable beliefs. i do think, however, it’s perfectly fair to push him on issues he wants to use to his own benefit. so if obama’s gonna court christian leaders by presenting himself as one, by all means, harass him when it’s clear he hasn’t read his bible. he deserves this as much as dobson, or robertson, et al do. right?

    i agree that this ad is over the top. i don’t, however, think that attacking obama’s understanding of christianity is out of line, though.

  5. Alisa says:

    Jacob, of course you’re right that one’s religious beliefs shape one’s political beliefs. But I’m skeptical that religious beliefs have to be or should be such a public matter. If what we really care about are their political conclusions, why not just focus on that instead of trying to see into their hearts or forcing them to show us? I cynically wonder if the more we require our leaders to say about their religious beliefs, the less likely we are to get a sincere answer.

    Obviously Obama holds to unorthodox theology. He may not really be a Christian. But honestly, I don’t see how it matters. His political conclusions are what matter in the end, not how he got to those conclusions.

    At least that’s how I lean. I’m open to persuasion though.

  6. Alisa says:

    Micah, you make a good point. IF Obama is going to exploit religion for political benefit (as so, so many have done before), he deserves to be taken to task for not knowing what the hell he’s talking about. I guess I’d argue that he — along with all the other GOP politicians before him — is wrong to use Christianity to his political benefit at all. I wonder if it minimizes and misuses Christianity, no matter who does it and how perfectly sincere they are.

    And again, I wonder. I don’t know for sure.

  7. David says:

    And the main point here doesn’t have much to do with Obama at all: it’s that it is arrogant and presumptuous of Christians to publicly “read the heart” of someone they do not know. Sure, they may be able to look at his affirmations and say “that’s not Christian theology,” but I think our kind in general could use some more reverence and caution when they claim to speak for God or judge other people’s motives.

  8. Kirk says:

    Barack Obama’s church did not preach the gospel. It preached liberation theology. That “gospel” will save no one. That’s not arrogance — it’s discernment.

  9. Sam says:

    Very good read. Faith without works is dead, and though I won’t give my judgement either way on his salvation, I am very disapointed that the church today believes Obama is evil when his personal life seems to me to reflect biblical values much more than other politicians that christian right-wingers love. As you said he has a very sincere conversion, and though I don’t agree with all his policies, in my opinion he seems to embody the christian faith of love, charity, care, humility, family values much better than so many “christian” politicians who embody hate, lies, and neglect of the poor, but are loved by evangelicals because they’re pro-life. As an evangelical I hope that we are wary of letting political leanings get in the way of biblical reason.

  10. Man says:

    Obama flat out admitted in 2008 that he doesn’t believe the Bible.
    “Bona fide testimony”? Back to the drawing board you silly slut.

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