1. The Drunk Dreamer's Wine
By David Sessions |
Writer Augusten Burroughs, musician Tegan Quin, and a few guests gather for a night of artistic community in SoHo.

David Bazan's (Inevitable) Apostasy
By Joel Hartse
The non-CCM apologist who lit the way for a generation of sad dudes with honest doubts—who still made it to church every Sunday—quietly left his little corner of the fold.

Rob Bell Likes His Art Chocolate
By Jake Dockter

A conversation about faith, art, and science with America’s hippest pastor.

4. The Awkward Adventures of Levi Johnston

By Cherise Ryan  |
Levi Johnston wins the award for the most painful-to-watch during his future mother-in-law's speech at the RNC.

5. Underoath, Lost in the Sound of Separation

By Jordan Kurtz |
This time, out of reach of most any peers, Underoath have made their best attempt at a truly cohesive album.

6. Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer

By David Sessions |
Proof that rock is dead-er than it’s ever been. But also of its imminent respawning.

7. Is Sarah "Cover Story" Palin the New Obama?

By David Sessions |
Today's magazine rack has a brand-new face!

The Biggest McCain Rally Ever
By Whitney Archer
What happened in Fairfax, Virginia, when 20,000 people flocked to see McCain and Palin.

9. Obama-Supporting Christian Missionaries Lose Funding
By David Sessions |
A foreign missionary loses her financial support after hinting that she supports Barack Obama.

10. Francesca Battisteli, My Paper Heart

By Jordan Kurtz |
Whether due to the inner workings of a sexist industry, or the temptation to strip down and sell out, it makes a “total package” girl like Battistelli a breath of fresh radio-ready air.

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