The best Christian band of all time (I dare you to disagree, I will fight you) and their brilliant video from 2006, which if you’re not sure why its brilliant, only makes it more brilliant.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I don’t understand this, but I like it. Also the keyboardist is attractive.

  2. Clay says:

    Ok, I’ll take the bait. Starflyer is a perfectly decent band (and this happens to be one of their better tracks). But at the very least, I’d put the 77’s, Choir, VOL, Chagall Guevara, Over the Rhine, Mute Math, Sixpence, and Jars ahead of them. Now, defend yourself!!

  3. Jordan says:

    @ Aaron – The actual band is essentially one hairy, sort of heavy set guy in his mid-late 30’s. The band you see in the video are all actors, and we are never lead to believe that they aren’t the real band. That alone is quite an original concept, besides the fact that it perfectly sums up the insecurities aging indie rockers must feel when they see younger, sexier artists getting rich off the groundwork they laid, and the temptation they must face to appeal to that market.

    @ Clay – the Choir, and the 77s might be more important in the overall history of Christian Rock, but I would argue that the latter half of both their carrers have been less than culturally relevant, and more recently, sort of dated.
    Chagall Guevara despite their all star lineup, only put out one album. And that one album is not as good as most of Starflyer’s 10+.
    Bill Maloney’s talented for sure, but I would disagree that he has the prolificacy or the creativity of Jason Martin.
    Over the Rhine are quite remarkable as well, but I would argue that most of their songs just aren’t as good. Also there are a couple on Films For Radio that sound a little too “inspired” by SF59 for their own good.
    Again, just an opinion.
    Mute Math should be considered one of the best live bands (Christian or secular) ever, and could someday carry the torch, were they to ever put out another effing album.
    Sixpence and Jars are two of the best Christian pop groups ever. I say this because although both bands have very impressive catalogues, much of it is artistically shallow when compared to anything outside the Christian scene. Also they would be hard to tell apart from a million bands were it not for their lead singers.

    Again just opinions, but I say that the consistency, prolificacy, originality, and artistic integrity of Starflyer 59 add up the best.

    Also I don’t think another Christian band (on a Christian label nonetheless) has ever been given four 7+ ratings on Pitchfork.

  4. Dan Gibson says:

    Clearly, high scores on Pitchfork can be directly correlated with…well, what can they be equated with?

    SF59 are quite good and have an admirable career length-wise, but I’ll take the Daniel Amos catalog over Jason’s anyday. Heck, on listenablity alone, I might pick the discography of Jason’s brother Ronnie instead.

  5. Jordan says:

    Let’s not say anything we can’t take back. Joy Electric has its place, but there is only so much analog-only electronic retro-pop one man can produce, until the listener is begging for some human warmth, twangly guitars, and lazy syrupy vocals. Or its just me…

    Either way, I respect Daniel Amos way too much to pretend that I’m well versed in anything other than Doppleganger and parts of Mr. Beuchner’s Dream. Still I can’t help feeling like they blew their proverbial load a ways back, and have thus been relegated to re-mastered re-issues and aging rocker side projects. On the most recent Swirling Eddies record they refer to themselves as dinosaurs – who were once “kings like elvis” with swivel hips. Clever, but a little too novelty at this point.

    Either way, they are all great bands. We could turn this into a pointless polarizing all time list one of these days. Fun.

  6. Justin says:

    Pitchfork is hardly the standard-bearer in terms of quality or knowledge (since they couldn’t even get through a Starflyer review without bashing Jars of Clay or that big CCM-act Creed eyeroll)

    SF59 is good, take it from someone who had the 7” Drop EP hot off the press. Still, when they took their cues from Daniel Amos, The 77s, and Adam Again – I think it’s fair to say they’re one of the best, but the best is still one of those three.

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