So once upon a time, there was a guy who played in a band called Korn, one of the world’s worst and most evil bands (those two things not necessarily related). After a whirlwind decade or so of sex, drugs, alcohol, and terrible music, he decided that there was more to life, and that his current path would leave him dead very soon. So he quit the band, left it all behind him, and turned to Jesus, leaving his old fans distraught, his haters aghast, and Christian industry marketers ready to pounce.

What the marketers didn’t know however, was that this wasn’t a Kirk Cameron, Stephen Baldwin, “I’ve Christianized, let me tour with Toby Mac!” sort of conversion. This was a dark heavy heart, in the light of new hope, and a “calling” with no real bumper sticker/bracelet/magazine-themed-bible marketing potential.

So off he went to make his art, live his life, and save drug addicts from the life he knew all too well. He wrote a creepily-covered bestselling autobiography, and what everyone had been waiting for, an also creepily-covered (but sanctified) solo album.

Picking a non-Christian label for the records distribution gave him the creative freedom he no doubt needed in order to accurately tell his story, but of course the Christian Music Industry saw an incredible opportunity to cash in (to their credit, quite an open-minded one) realizing that with celebrity conversions, you take what you’re given. I mean, really, if they had the choice do you think they would’ve chosen the Creed singer, Mike Seaver, Billy Ray Cyrus, and the Baldwin brother nobody cares about? Somebody start witnessing to good artists!

Anyway, everyone involved seemed happy, until the video for the albums first single was released:

As I watched it, ready to roll my eyes at the typical overreaction of conservative censorship, I realized a few minutes in that unless I was mistaken, this video had begun portraying a pseudo-lesbian meth orgy. Whaaaaat?


So with that, as you can imagine, the s**t hit the fan. Bookstore after Christian bookstore began pulling the album from the shelves, deciding that any drug kicking, life saving message of hope it offered, was not worth the gritty depiction of his former sinful life.

And with that we were given the best response to Christian controversy since boy band Jake were spotted eating at Hooters (“Christians have hooters too”).


I have received a handful of messages from some conservative people complaining about the sex and drug references in my new music video for FLUSH; and, I have recently learned that some select retailers are pulling my CD from their shelves because of my music video’s content. So, I wanted to give an explanation of what the video means to me; and to address those select retailers that are pulling the CD from their shelves:

The video for FLUSH is about Crystal Meth addiction and the crazy things anyone addicted to Meth will do while they’re high or to get their fix. Everything the models were doing in the video is what I was wrapped up in while I was addicted to Meth. The video is a very realistic look at the addiction and where it will lead you if you get hooked. I understand the images of the models may be too much for some people, but honestly, I was just trying to be real with what happened in my life and show where I was, as well as where I am at now.

I was totally imprisoned by Meth (Straight Jacket).
I would do anything to get my Meth (Models being obsessed with Pink Substance).
I was totally kinky and freaky while I was on Meth (Models touching each other and licking Pink Substance off of each other).
I got emotionally, spiritually and physically sick while I was on Meth (Models puking up black tar all over their faces and everywhere else).

I believe I would be dead right now if I continued using Meth, but instead, I chose to surrender my life to Christ and die to myself so He could share His resurrection with me (Models lying down lifeless, getting zipped up in body bags, coming back to life and ripping through the body bags to catch their new BREATH OF LIFE). Significantly, the images also go along with what the kids (not actors) at the beginning of the video were honestly saying about their addictions.

To be clear, I’m not going to apologize for my video! But, I did want to clear up any confusion about what the video actually meant and hopefully put some minds at ease.

I have also been informed that my CD is being pulled from a handful of retailers’ shelves because of my music video’s content. I totally understand that the video may be a bit too much for some conservative people and I respect everyone’s choice. But to me, taking my CDs off the shelves because of a music video (that isn’t being sold with the CD) is a bit too extreme! There is a huge message of hope on my CD and I believe those retailers that are pulling the CD from their shelves are robbing someone spiritually by taking it off of the shelves. But, thank GOD for iTunes!

I’m not called to be a Sunday School teacher obviously….I mean, just look at me….(Smile)…..I’m called to speak to people that understand my language and I’m gonna be as REAL as possible. The CHEESE has to disappear from the Christian media. I challenge the conservative Christians to start thinking “outside the box,” and get real with how they try and connect with the masses!!

Oh yeah….one more very important thing….I love you all….Even you conservative nit pickers!!!

Comment your hearts out.

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Jordan Kurtz

0 Responses to Head’s Open Challenge To Conservatives: “Die Religion Die”

  1. micah says:

    more power to him.

  2. Tim says:

    I really enjoyed that article. And I have a lot of respect for Brian “Head” Welch for his view in the article and the video.

  3. Aaron says:

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve read since, shit, I don’t even know. Perfect.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Wow, this was insightful. Major props for Head, the thing I hate the most about the CCM industry is that they don’t want the truth, they only want fluff.

  5. brian says:

    OK I understand the idea that “conservative Christians” often overreact to things like this, and I really appreciated Head’s explanation, but at the same time the video really is filled with gratuitous and unnecessary sexual imagery that, in my opinion, distracts the viewer from whatever message he’s trying to send. While it’s awesome that he’s trying to send a message of hope to people struggling with drugs, this seems like a major stumbling block to people struggling with lust and porn. . .

  6. Aaron says:

    The video really isn’t that bad, especially when you compare it to a lot of the other stuff out there today. As somebody who’s been there, if you’re struggling with pornography, anything with breasts can act as a stumbling block. I see nothing wrong with that video, other than that it shouldn’t be watched by young kids. But neither should The Passion of The Christ.

  7. Cale says:

    Honestly, maybe I would have been a little shocked when I saw this video if I hadn’t watched CSI: Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure this is tame compared to most of the stuff shown on prime time tv these days. In response to what Brian mentioned, if this lust is a stumbling block for someone then they should treat this video like any other piece of media and exercise their choice to turn it off. Do what you gotta do to not let yourself get sucked into sin. That’s just common sense!

  8. queen says:

    Thank you Brian, I could not have said it better myself. While I admire honesty and what message Head is trying to convey, I am sad to think that watching a video like this helps anyone really. Just hope and pray that God uses such a talented man as Head to continue to find ways to open hearts and eyes to Christ.

  9. I understand being shocked or disturbed by the video … I was even a bit myself, and I consider myself unshockable.

    But part of this whole issue is moral, cleaned-up people having the gall to say what is “too much.” That’s Head’s point: this whole world is gratuitous, disgusting, excessive, graphic, etc. Head’s video is a stylized depiction of it, intentionally constructed to show us normal, well-adjusted people how wretched it is (as well as to reach out to people who are actually living these scenes). You have a choice not to watch it if you aren’t prepared to deal with that reality, but don’t suggest that you have the right to say how real is too real. Or, even more laughably, to say whether or not it “helps anyone.” Have you been in this lifestyle? If not, how would you know?

  10. queen says:

    Good point David, but I did not think the issue was whether or not to watch the video or not. I thought the issue was if this type of video truely helps someone. Don’t laugh David, perhaps I wrote this exactly because I have been there and maybe now I just see myself a new creation.

  11. John Wofford says:

    The vid freaked the hell out of me. Quite literally! [pardon the lame pun…] Having said that, I couldn’t see the big deal over the album being pulled from store shelves. Why?! The CD’s not amazing, but it’s fun and honest, and nothing on the album reflects the video—except, perhaps, the dark tone. Ahh well, people will move on eventually to something else. The conservative sector needs another witch to burn since Harry Potter and The Golden Compass. Congrats, Mr Welch— you’re the right-wing’s current whipping boy!

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