TONIGHT, AS we all know, is a momentous occasion. Saturday Night Live plunks itself down right in the middle of NBC primetime, right after The Office, right where 30 Rock will be in just a few weeks. (Secret: It’s not an accident. Shh don’t tell.) In hopes of finally making Tina Fey’s fantastic show as popular as she is, she is joining the usual cast of the “Weekend Update” for a special Thursday evening segment, to air tonight at 9:30 p.m. Patrol scored tickets to the dress rehearsal, which is in progress now. I’m reporting live from NBC right now. Check below for updates:

  • I mean, in a carla bruni jokes that involve the phrase ‘baguette in my pants’ kind of way.
  • The parisian comedian is hilarious. In a very very cultured way.
  • It’s kind of hard to laugh at the economy it seems.
  • mccain to joe, who is three inches tall except when he’s pissed: ‘ don’t worry my tiny friend. I won’t let him raise your taxes.’
  • An appearance by the reverend jesse jackson. You will not believe your ears when you hear about the bradley effect.
  • They have a brand new peppy feature called ‘we liked it.’ they really really liked the debate.
  • Joe the plumber lives in a cigar box. The ONLY detail of joe the plumber’s life we DIDN’T hear about last night.
  • Really have got to see the video of the deranged ancient mccain supporter.
  • We are watching some weekend update jokes you will NOT. Totally bombed.
  • Can i sit through last night’s debate AGAIN? I should have skipped the real thing. Definitely.
  • Fred dressed as obama playing ‘one way or another’ on electric guitar. Very very seriously.
  • Jason sudakis! The tkc student next to me says he’s recycling jokes.
  • We’re in!
  • The men who work at NBC are really hot. Media elite.
  • SNL was a crucial part of my college experience. The scarlett johannson dress shop skit basically defined my senior year.
  • Racing in stilletos. I am going to die. Without seeing tina fey.
  • On my way to SNL!

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Alisa Harris is deputy editor of Patrol. She teaches journalism at The King’s College in Manhattan.

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