THIS WEEK, we’re pleased—and, we confess, just a bit apprehensive—to bring you the pilot edition of our new political roundtable, “The Pontificast.” It’s been in the works for a good while, and we’re finally ready to put an episode out there for your consumption, review, and, with any luck, enjoyment. We want the show to resemble what would happen if you and three friend were shoved into a room and handed a microphone and a copy of the New York Times. As unprepared, unpolished as possible. Just raw “analysis.”

Keep a couple of things in mind: 1) at any moment in this broadcast, there’s a 65-80% chance we have no idea what we’re talking about; 2) most of us have never done a panel discussion before; and 3) we’re all hunched over a laptop in our conference room. So our apologies in advance for any lack of quality in skill, intellect, or audio quality. (We’re moving to a real studio next time).

And most of all, we want to hear what you think. Let us know what we can do better next week. Give us some much-needed stage coaching. Rant about the obnoxious things we said (we promise we’ll read and discuss substantive letters on the air). To get in touch with the Pontificast crew, email

The Pontificast for October 24, 2008
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Articles discussed this week:

Topic A: Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

Topic B: The “death” of libertarianism

Alisa Harris is deputy editor of Patrol. She teaches journalism at The King’s College in Manhattan. Nathan Poe is an intern at Oppenheiemer & Company in New York. Jonathon Seidl is Patrol reporter in New York. David Sessions is the editor of Patrol.

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