10:37 PM: It's over. Patrol Magazine is calling this.

10:31 PM: It's all about VA, once this state goes, it's over and I descend into beautiful sleepingness. (NM)

10:15 PM: Even if McCain wins every remaing state, he's short. His victory now depends on a previously called state to reverse itself … which soooo isn't happening. (DS)

9:57 PM: Most networks have called Ohio for Obama, thus making CNN's count (the one we're going by) 199-78. Slate has called the election, but we say it's too early. Our correspondent in Ohio says there's "no way" it's over there, plus Virginia is holding for McCain. And now we wait. (DS)

9:40 PM: To save us all from the stress, sweat, and angry conversations about what went wrong, I suggest a best out of 7 match on the seminal judge of character and brilliance, Campaign

I could stand in as the Republican Party champion, I'm pretty much amazing. 

9:30 PM: My last post just got deleted. Sparknotes: I've watched too much Fox News, Sarah Palin was horrible on television, and I really am not a politikite.

9:16 PM: Dear god in heaven, the video monitors carpeting the room of Fox News scares me so much, like I honestly wonder if at night, after even the last Drudge clicking junkie goes to bed, they just link up with DHS and watch me sleeping. Obama is up by 50k in the popular vote but a Republican insider says that it's actually looking ok in the states that McCain needs to win. (NM)

9:00 PM: The other manifestation of my color-fied alter-ego is now online. This live blog will continue though, because I feel it's far too sexy. (NM)

8:54 PM: Nas just dropped a song for Election Night, but when it comes to mind-numbing triumphal ballads, it can't touch the Levine/West/Yusef glory road "Promised Land." Don't listen to horrible music just because it's election night. 

FYI- Texas is Live! 

8:35 PM: And the intrepid day writer has returned, fresh pair of pants firmly in place and amazing Pummill lasagne coating the stomach. The eternal question continues, how fast can you declare a winner? I've been reminded multiple times of 2000 and 2004, don't count your chickens or dead candidates until they hatch or rot. (NM)

8:28 PM: CNN has it standing at 77-38 Obama, with 4% of the national votes counted. Right.  (DS)

8:08 PM: NBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama, minutes after polls close. Whaaaat. (DS)

8:05 PM: New CNN projections: Obama gets New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut; McCain takes South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. No shockers there.  (DS)

7:59 PM: Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers has broken his silence about the campaign and the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's relationship with him. His first interview since all of this became an issue is disappointingly free of money quotes – he says Obama knew him "like millions of others did." He is, however, extremely excited about an Obama presidency, and plans to celebrate at Grant Park in Chicago. (DS)

7:16 PM: Something to remember, regardless of the result, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan, "A reader writes:

I'm a Washington State resident living in Spain. While I closely read and watch American coverage of the election, what's incredible is the international enthusiasm the election has generated. The European news outlets are following the returns state by state. People on the street are positively giddy at the prospects of an Obama presidency. Teens in the local public middle-school my daughter attends are studying the two-party system and the Electoral College. The level of voter participation in America's presidential elections is clearly inspirational to the Europeans. I'm proud of my country.

Another from Montreal:

I have no special anecdote, but there is an unmistakable feeling of anticipation coursing throughout the city. Trendy bars are devoting the evening to election watching. Perhaps most of all, there is an enormous sense of pride in what our close friends and neighbours are about to accomplish."

We live in an incredibly special and blessed nation with a brilliant system of government, and whoever ultimately is elected president will not change that fact. Anyway, I'm going to put on some pants and head over for a spot on a couch with some food and drinkables. So I'll be back blogging in a few. Scroll to the bottom and throw your two cents in if you want. Oh, and MGMT's Kids has me smiling pretty hardcore.(NM)



(thanks Grace)


6:42 PM: Huffington Post just dropped an exit polling heavy post that's worth skimming over. One interesting note, if the polls are accurate, Palin ended up being a killer drag upon the campaign. Other than that, I just received a phone call from the only organization that hounds you more than Obama for America, (see Arlington, VA last night) United Blood Service. If you ever give blood to those people, give them the number of a pay phone or you will be stalked. It's my blood and I don't feel bad for not scheduling time to save America at 6:45 on Election Tuesday. On a side-note, my companion for last nights venture through the streets of Clarendon, balanced out my far too large Sarah Palin button with a rushed "Go McCain" when approached by smiling Obama-ite offering leaflets. Rest assured, her response was far more endearing than my depiction of said encounter. P.S. "when" I come into work, "when"

6:22 PM: Apparently Florida, Indiana and Ohio are all too close to call, so I'll steal a recent facebook note from a friend (Kyle Murray) 5 Steps to Winning an Election. I promised my boss I wouldn't be grumpy if I came into work tomorrow, so I'll let Kyle start some of the cuts.

1. Make plenty of outrageous campaign promises. Your opponent will spend all his time attacking you instead of communicating his own platform.

2. Stay positive and always answer, “Yes, we can,” to any voter's concern.
Voters have a short attention span, so don't worry about accountability. Even if you can't deliver on your promise, voters will appreciate your ambition long enough to get you elected.

3. Refer to yourself in the third person. This allows you to brag about yourself without appearing arrogant.

4. Recycle political clichés and use them as talking points. Bring every “issue” back to one of your three campaign words (stay with democratic ideals like equality, prosperity, reform, freedom and rights). Actual issues are too divisive to discuss in depth.

5. Overconfidence is an American tradition, so don't be shy. You need to show voters your ego, and nothing says “I take myself too serious” like your own presidential seal.

6:07 PM: The best part of this election gets a shoutout over at Hulu with a Presidential Bash collection of videos from SNL.  Long-time Democratic pollster, Stan Greenberg is relaxed about the next few hours, "I've never had an election where I worried less about the outcome." One thing is for sure, Chamblis and McConnell are safe from blue fever and America is safe from a filibuster proof senate. 

5:55 PM: I know of at least two people that voted third party in this election, one for Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party whipping boy, and the other for the perenially loveable, yet slightly insane Ron Paul. Both people voted in VA. Anyone out there in internet stalking land want to comment on that decision or have a third party confession story of your own?

5:54 PM: Drudge has Obama at +15 in PA. But one individual wanted me to remember that, "Democrats tend to vote early and are the ones who talk to the exit pollers by a 2-1 margin."

5:50 PM: Ten minutes until the first polls close and the first tile in this domino row of an election gets toppled. 

5:35 PM: So the first exit polls have been released and, according to a source or two, it's not looking horribly for Republicans in battleground states. One interesting point, as many people polled were looking for a candidate who shared their values, as were looking for change. The economy dominated the fears and concerns of those polled, but McCain still retained an edge over Obama with people's opinions on which candidate had enough experience to lead. Of course these polls usually mean so much empty pixels, but it's  still just a little interesting.

4:42 PM: As a proud subscriber to the never-ending stream of emails being issued by MoveOn.org, I just got this panic inducing call to arms. Probably just a scare tactic, but who knows, maybe the pollsters will get it wrong in VA. "The Obama campaign's plan for victory in Virginia relies on a record turnout by newly registered voters. As of right now, many of them still haven't voted, and the campaign needs more volunteers to get out the vote." (NM)  

4:33 PM: Yes, I have no qualms about obsessively harvesting the statuses of my friends and editors for links. Arion, again gets credit for this one.  Sorry for the hour departure. I took a break from the internetz and a T.S. Elliot paper to watch another episode from the sub-par third season of Dexter.(NM)

3:09 PM: Why Matt Drudge is one of the most powerful people on net today, when I watched this video at 10:00 this morning, it had 212 views, now it's at 124,000 and rising fast. He can't change minds with one simple link, but you can change what people are talking about, which may ultimately change a mind or two.(NM)

3:08 PM: If I have to see the 1,095,034th person to donate their facebook status to McCain or Obama, I think my eyes might slay me. Oh, and in response to my slightly tongue-in-cheek declaration of yesterday being national "wear your sarah palin pin to work day," I got a facebook message from a friend from Ireland that I hung out with in Costa Rica. "Sarah Palin. Really? She's as thick as pig sh**. Obama all the way." Just the type of intelligent discourse that this election has fostered. Don't forget though, this election is about change. (NM)

2:46 PM: Tired of reading the same cud chewing news? Check out the latest leak from the suprisingly exciting new release from the Killers. A little low-quality on the rip, but not bad. Spaceman  Not sure how this ties into either McCain or Obama, but it's better than Black Panthers with night sticks. (NM)

2:35 PM: Rove has Obama crushing McCain. "Electoral College: Obama 338 McCain 200"

2:32 PM: This is more than a little terrifying. "You have a night stick in your hand…you have a camera phone"

2:23 PM: If I help him, he's going to help me

2:21 PM: For all the attention given to how poorly Palin governed in AK, particularly a potiential nepotistic proclivity, one can only wonder if this final report will actually make any type of impact in exonerating her reputation. Sacrifices in Kenya, Black Panthers in Philly you just can't get away from the strangeness. But certain stereotypes  just aren't dispelled easily and despite people outside the Beltway assuring me that Palin is loved in mid-America,I've got far too many friends, spread across far too many states, and somehow I'm expecting far too many depressed exhausted faces returning to VA tomorrow afternoon. Hope you enjoyed that run on sentence, and for the record, Arion deserves the all the love for Vote to Cancel Your Neighbor video.

1:47 PM: So far, Drudge is getting checked far more obsessively than is helpful for any reasonably sane little child. I've got friends who waited in line over in Alexandria (VA) for over two hours to vote today. Those two women get serious respect points in my book. Anne Applebaum over at Slate pops some much propagated myths.

for some reason short films make more sense than most of the headlines on Drudge


not to be outdone by the slightly profane and but incredibly classic Vote or Die (South Park) -(NM)


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