The best thing about the end of this election is that it just keeps going on and on and on and on! A sampling of doomsday Facebook status updates (some, we’re hoping, tongue in cheek) from young conservatives mourning the end of freedom, America and the world:

… is going to hell, because her sister voted for the Anti-Christ.

… is going to go shopping for a burka tomorrow.

… Welcome to the GRAVE!

… is moving to Australia.

… knows the heart of the KING is in the hands of the Lord.

… is proud of my country and ashamed of our anti-American/muslim/socialist president.

… is mourning for her country.

… pretends not to care.

… what will become of America now?

… is welcome to the USSA.

… is trusting in the sovereignty of the King.

… is wondering how you can live with the blood on your hands?

… is convinced that Comrade Obama will soon take the Divine Right! May he live forever!

… prepares for the dark ages.

… is praying that God will help her respect those in authority… even if it’s hard. May God be glorified! God, please forgive us and let your light shine!

… is mourning the death of capitalism.

… says that every great nation has its moment of glory and then it collapses. America started her downhill descent today.

… is praying that God will be merciful in His judgment of our nation–and praying for the salvation of our new president.

… remembers the 5th of November and prays for the protection of life and liberty.

… heck, maybe living under socialism will be fun!

… sighs and prays that the cost isn’t higher than we can pay…

… is praying for the future of her country, which she loves.

… hopes you all get what you deserve . . . and it probably won’t include lower taxes .

… is scared for her country.

… is prepared for four years of insufferable platitudes.

… is politically depressed.

… is celebrating her last few hours of freedom… :(.

… is clinging to his guns and religion.

… is praying for the elections and that God will be merciful in His judgment of our nation. What peace may be found in the sovereignty of God. Rom. 8:28.

… is no no no no no NBC News, GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE SOLUTION (and, while I’m at it, f*** the two-party system).

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