From today's "are you serious" files: The city of Batman in Southeast Turkey is suing Christopher Nolan / Warner Brothers for not seeking permission to use the Batman name. “There is only one Batman in this world,” said town major (mayor) Huseyin Kalkan. "Without telling us, the U.S makers of the films have taken the name of our region."

To be fair, the town was founded in 1937, two years before the cartoon character debuted in Detective Comics #27 and six years before it he debuted on film. And Kalkan promises to use the money to feed the community. But the case could never hold up in court. Two people, organization, or entities sharing the same name is as much grounds for a lawsuit as me suing all other younger Jonathon M. Seidls for name infringement. And think about it this, do all the Springfields in the U.S. get to sue FOX and The Simpsons? Or do all the Springfields get to sue one another? Or maybe Hell, Michigan should sue the Devil. Or what about Garfield, New Jersey, Archie, Missouri, or Henry, Illinois?

Posts on the board Superhero Hype say it all:

“Holy Crap, I’ve seen it all now. A town wanting to sue by actually thinking that the Batman character was named after the town, and talks of suing the U.S. itself, how does one sue a whole country? Thanks for posting this, what a riot.”

“This is ridiculous! The first Batman comic came out almost 70 years ago! They've waited this long to sue? I mean, it is funny in a way, but pointless lawsuits like this always irritate me.”

“Does anyone find it ironic that they are suing the one time that the movie did not have batman in the title?”

Or maybe Christian Bale said it best in The Dark Knight: “Targeting me won't get their money back. . . . They crossed the line.”

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  1. Someone needs to ask them: “Why so serious?”

    (my co-worker Richard Ramsey made this comment)

  2. Aaron says:

    … This. Is amazing. Any comment I might have has been covered by the post itself. But… wow. I mean, just… wow.

  3. Kathryn says:

    They should hire Eli Stone as their lawyer.

  4. latin snake says:

    These people are fucking stupid! all they want is money. Well buy my NUTS! Siktir lan (get fucked in turkish baby languague)

  5. Onder says:

    I agree with comments except 4th one 🙂 I am waiting the day when Kalkan says “hehe we were joking”.

    In Turkish batman doesn’t have the same meaning as bat+man as a side note, it is just a coincidence.

  6. Brota says:

    This is more ridiculous than the guy sueing because it’s “too violent.”
    Screw Turkey!!! Who still won’t claim responsibility for the massacre of the Armenians. To them, it never existed. The meaning of the names is not even the same.
    Turkey does not exist to me. I could go my whole life and be okay with not visiting your violent, child raping history of a country. You have never contributed nothing positive to the free world. Turkey can suck it.

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