The rumors are true. Blue Like Jazz….the MOVIE! And Miller fans are meeting it with excitement and hesitant optimism. Here’s the breakdown.

-Donald Miller = great writer (a fact often lost in the hype), but trendy, and maybe a little passé
-Trendy = bad (cool without the originality)
-Passé = really bad (cool without the cool) unless its so uncool that its cool (important distinction)
-Films adapted from Christian Books = Consistently the worst form of art in history
-Steve Taylor as director = awesome
-The chance for one of Christendom’s best to be taken seriously among the secular film community = overrated, but so satisfying.

No release date yet, and from what I can tell not even an official start date for FILMING. But if I know Don’s ability to avoid cheese and schmaltz, it could be the beginning of an important inroads to some sort of credible, spiritually challenging, art-based, voice within the indie film community.

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