It’s the season of joy, peace, love and vituperative Christmassy violence! Welcome to the Annual Christmas Wars, when atheists and Christians claw for the jugular in the spirit of peace on earth.

This year has been especially filled with good will to all men since the Freedom From Religion Foundation decided to expand atheistical jolliness to various state capitols with the Winter Solstice sign shown left.

"Ho Ho Ho," huh?

In the true spirit of Christmas, the sign drew a loving Christian response: Turn it around, throw acid at it, or steal the sign and throw it in a ditch. This prompted atheistical shrieks of intolerance, which prompted a Christianist march on Olympia, which brought forth this Christmassy jeremiad to Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Catholic, who allowed the sign:

You have led the state of Washington to be the armpit of America. And (you are) the one adding the offensive odor to the armpit.

The Christians have a point: The sign is offensive, in bad taste, belligerent and otherwise vulgar. Of course the atheists (and the odoriferous Grinch-like Gregoire) have a point as well: If you’re going to allow displays promoting belief, it’s only fair to allow a display promoting disbelief. If you want public displays of religion, be prepared for public displays of irreligion. It’s the way things work.  

But seriously. Atheists may not believe in God but they can certainly believe in things like, oh, civility and decency — being good for goodness’ sake, as another atheistical Christmassy ad campaign states. And Christians who are concerned about preserving the “true meaning” of Christmas should maybe start with being nice to the lost people.

So I have to agree with the atheists here. In this … season, let reason — and by that I mean civility and decency and Christian love — prevail.  

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Alisa Harris

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  1. Yeah, I think very much the same way as you do on this one, Alisa. Letting it stand is pretty much the only way to go. Not only are atheists challenging “we” believers for exclusivity of promotional displays at Christmastime, but they’re also apparently challenging Christians for our title as humourless buzzkills.

    This very in-your-face and judgmental sign is a stark contrast from the hopefulness, inclusiveness, and let’s face it—harmlessness of the créche next to it. Of the two of them, the atheist’s display is far less tolerant and more divisive than a baby laying in some hay. The sign is within their rights, but I wouldn’t call the wording decent or particularly civil. For this reason, Christians should want it left up, because (for once) we’re not being the glowerpuss. Oh yeah, I went there: glowerpuss.

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