Patrol’s review of 2008 continues with our most-read Scanner items on Wednesday and most popular articles on Friday.

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

Neither easily dismissible or instantly brilliant, Viva la Vida is precisely the record most Coldplay experts probably forecasted. [Review]

Chris Walla
Field Manual

Death Cab for Cutie’s guitarist releases the kind of solo album that fans are always afraid of. [Review]

The Killers
Day & Age

It’s high time we all faced the elephantine reality about the Killers: they’re not going to get any better. [Review]

New Surrender
(Universal Republic)

Unlike Tooth & Nail graduates of the past, Anberlin’s major-label debut is as mature as it should be, and will provide their new acquaintances a respectable summary. [Review]

The Helio Sequence
Keep Your Eyes Ahead
(Sub Pop)

Frenetic drumming, walls of distortion, layers of detail—the glorious sounds of post-rock. Well, half of the time. [Review]

Snow Patrol
A Hundred Million Suns

If the passive-aggressive, rock-as-pop Snow Patrol formula does it for you, be prepared to have a new favorite record for a few months. [Review]

Kevin Max
The Blood
(Dog and Pony)

Not Christian music so much as a study of Christian music, this record nostalgically holds up gospel music in its purer form. [Review]

The Weepies

Maybe it’s the pointed, plaintive lyrics, or the once-in-a-lifetime vocal match. Who can resist? [Review]

Lost in the Sound of Separation
(Tooth & Nail)

This time, out of reach of most any peers, Underoath have made their best attempt at a truly cohesive album. [Review]

Does You Inspire You

Does You Inspire You is a window-dressed shop of styles and ideas, the false starts and experiments of a band still deciding what exactly to wear. [Review]

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