Patrol's review of 2008 began on Monday with our most-read album reviews of the year, and continues on Friday with our ten most popular articles.

1. Young Conservatives See Apocalypse on the Horizon
November 5, 2008
The best thing about the end of this election is that it just keeps going on and on and on and on! A sampling of doomsday Facebook status updates (some, we’re hoping, tongue in cheek) from young conservatives mourning the end of freedom, America and the world. [Full post]


2. Christianity Today Pinpoints That Indescribable Christian Music Sound
October 1, 2008

Last week,
Christianity Today music guy Russ Breimeier talked about something we at Patrol have debated for several years now: the “sound” of Christian music. That unmistakable sound that outs a passing song on the radio as Christian music, even when you’ve heard only a few seconds—seconds that didn’t happen to include any lyrics. [Full post]


3. The Worst Reason to Vote Against McCain
October 13, 2008

There’s a group of conservative evangelicals staying home from G.O.P. campaign headquarters and quietly planning to pull levers for third party candidates this November. This time it’s not McCain that bothers them; it’s the vice-presidential candidate he chose just for them. It’s not that Sarah Palin isn’t conservative and pro-life and it’s not that she doesn’t look and talk a lot like they do. It’s that she’s a woman. [Full post]


4. The “Sexperimenting” Texas Megachurch
November 17, 2008

With a bed on stage, a Texas megachurch pastor launched a weeklong “sexperiment” on Sunday, encouraging his married members to have sex for seven straight days and keep a journal of their experience. “We're going to talk about the joy of sex because those of us who are in the church, we're really the sexperts…” said Ed Young. [Full post]


5. Obama-Supporting Christian Missionaries Lose Funding
September 17, 2008

Our friends at Burnside broke the story of a missionary to Slovakia, a writer named Heather Colleto who is raising money to work for TransWorld Radio. Her job will be to "broaden TWR's scope into more languages and countries." Colleto and her husband needed to raise $37,000 to fund their work for the year, most of it before they head back to Slovakia in November. [Full post]


6. Is Sarah “Cover Story” Palin the New Barack Obama?
September 8, 2008
A while back, bloggers started to make fun of Barack Obama for being on, seriously, so many magazine covers. But I walked into a magazine store on 35th street this morning to load up for the week and—lo and behold—it's happened again! Only this time … [Full post]


7. The Awkward Adventures of Levi Johnston
September 2, 2008

Levi Johnston wins the prize for most painful-to-watch face during Sarah Palin’s RNC speech last night. You remember him: he's the guy who wanted to sink through the floor the entire evening (a.k.a., Bristol Palin's 18-year-old babydad). [Full post]


8. Washington Post Blogger Calls Obama America’s “Pastor-In-Chief”
November 10, 2008

As we all know, Jesus came back last Tuesday. But what perhaps we didn’t know was that Barack Obama—he of the pretentious website and the “Office of the President Elect”—is also to become the Holy Father of the United States. [Full post]


9. Why Barack Obama is Going to Hell
September 24, 2008

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is highlighting Barack Obama’s “stunning … diabolical deceit” in a YouTube series entitled, “7 Reasons Why Barack Obama is Not a Christian.” The CADC says Obama is “defaming the Christian faith” because he claims to be a Christian while embracing dubious theology and politics. [Full post]


10. Brian “Head” Welch’s “Open Challenge to Conservatives”
October 2, 2008

So once upon a time, there was a guy who played in a band called Korn, one of the world’s worst and most evil bands (those two things not necessarily related). After a whirlwind decade or so of sex, drugs, alcohol, and terrible music, he decided that there was more to life, and that his current path would leave him dead very soon. So he quit the band, left it all behind him, and turned to Jesus, leaving his old fans distraught, his haters aghast, and Christian industry marketers ready to pounce.
[Full post]

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