I write from home — a scruffy neighborhood in Brooklyn. My main job is reporter for WORLD magazine, but I also teach an introductory journalism class at The King’s College and write for Curator magazine, a publication of the International Arts Movement. I like Carnegie Hall, Riverside Park, The Village Church, the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn, and Think Coffee in Manhattan. I don't mind dodging hipsters to hear music in the Lower East Side and have no compunctions when it comes to plowing over tourists in Macy’s. Despite a sad lack of coordination, I can’t seem to give up trying to tweet and walk in high heels simultaneously, so I almost get run over once a week.

Maybe I'm just trying to justify my unfortunate fascination with vapidity, but I like to see beneath the surface of cultural phenomenon that seem insignificant — trace a thread of meaning in the chaotic cultural crisscross of not just “serious” culture but sitcoms, chick flicks, and the cultural memes that seem so silly. I like relating art to humanity: looking at race and gender in a show like 30 Rock, seeing the tension between mysticism and skepticism in Bones, looking at Rachel Getting Married and A Christmas Tale to see why we love films about dysfunctional families.

And as someone who spends most of her day typing words either into a document or into an IM box, between posting links on Facebook and tweeting furiously, I’m fascinated with technology and its bizarre effects on our interactions. I kind of cherish a hope that I'll birth a child at least worthy of YouTube fame, whether I choose to exploit their precociousness on the online stage or not. Right now though, I’m in love with my iPhone.

This is really my first personal blog, unless you count the strictly anonymous one I’ve let lie idle for months. Looking forward to it!

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Alisa Harris

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