January 5-11 is Women's Self-Empowerment Week, and Jezebel wants to know how I am going to celebrate it. I am all about women's empowerment so I tried to think of a way — I honestly did — but I realized I will probably spend January 5-11 the way I'll spend January 12-18: doing interviews and writing as a stay-at-home journalist, taking sporadic stabs at apartment-housekeeping and feeling like I should cook but not cooking. Being about as empowered as I usually am — which, you know, is somewhere between Caroline Kennedy and Hillary Clinton I guess. 

Jezebel proffers the "so empowered we don't even NEED self-empowerment" perspective:

Do we even need a Women's Self-Empowerment Week? Doesn't its very existence assume that women are not taking charge of their own lives and making decisions for themselves? And! Is there something patronizing about the concept of a week for "self-empowered" women?

Now I wouldn't get so hyper-sensitive and huffy. But … well, yes. I don't feel insecure enough to have to devote a week to empowering myself. And how do you do that anyway? What is this concept of untapped inner strength that needs a designated week to bring it burbling up to the surface?

I'd feel differently if it was about society taking a look at the beliefs and structures that keep some women abused and afraid. That has a little more heft to it. This just seems like an opportunity for us to congratulate ourselves for benefitting from the work women did generations ago, instead of doing the work to empower others today.

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