Today's news, from good to bad to adorable. 

Sad: Metro Theater, one of the Upper West Side’s most recognizable landmarks, will become an Urban Outfitters. 

Adorable:  Six-year-old and five-year-old German kids try to run off to Africa to get married and stroll in the sun. Cutest elopement fail ever.

"TRUE information":  LiLo and Ronson "did NOT break up," ok people?

Tragic: Blogger calls model “#1 skanky superstar.” Model sues Google, says tearfully, “I'm tall, I'm blond, I've been modeling for many years, and people get jealous."

Unkind: Islamists ridicule death of Bush family cat. Yet more proof that terrorists aren't nice. 

Startling: Wild drunkenness often leads to risky sex.

Hopeful: New Democratic Congress members broaden moderate coalition.

Cute and Powerful: Aaron Schock, the 27 year-old new, eligible Illinois Congressman.

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