Today's most important news. 

Sad: Richard John Neuhaus, prominent Christian thinker, died in his sleep today at 10:00.

Cryptic: At the Palm Springs Film Festival, Anne Hathaway calls co-star Rosemarie DeWitt  "flower of a love of a chocolate Hershey's kiss."

Commendable: Candidates for RNC chair have many Facebook friends! 

Revelatory: Current RNC chairman calls tweeting "the Twittering." 

Outrageous: No more free wi-fi in New York City parks. 

Irrelevant: George Washington may not have said "So help me God." 

Passe: Joe the Plumber, who becomes war correspondent to let "Average Joes tell their story." 

Dismal: Holiday sales. Economy. Future. Life.

Rustic: Dick Cheney, who says "I've got a lot of rivers to fish." 




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