Thanks to a clamor (ok – one request) for more posts on faith and feminism, I'd like to note TIME Magazine's little piece on how the Iraq government is filling its quota of female politicians. Briefly, they're forcing irritated women to run for public office. The women don't want to be all liberated and feminist, but Iraq passed a law last fall that 25% of its council members have to be women — so the men are making the women run anyway. 

It seems to me that this is, in microcosm, the big question of the Iraq war: Can you coerce someone into freedom? If a group of people doesn't have the worldview that supports freedom, can you force-free a people that doesn't want to be freed? Do you have to change their social structures before you can change their worldview, or do you have to change their worldview first? Should you use education or force? 

Bottom line. What is innate: freedom or tyranny?

People give conflicting answers. Conservatives repudiate most quotas that are supposed to force progressivism, but they would say the Iraqis can and must be liberated. Liberals would applaud the quotas but say to leave the Iraqis alone. 

And I (as is common with me) am not really sure … 



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