It's that time of year again! Time for the words that are banned in 2009 (according to “Lake Superior State University's annual List of Words to Be Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness”): 

"Carbon footprint"
"First dude "
"Wall Street/Main Street"
"<3" (Emoticon for "heart" used in text messages and e-mail.) 
"Icon" or "iconic"
"Desperate search"
"Not so much"
"Winner of five nominations"
"It's that time of year again"

Words that should be banned in 2009:

"LOL" –We need a break from people saying “LOL” in the middle of real conversation instead of actually laughing out loud. 

"Britney Spears" – Do we REALLY have to say her name again in ’09? [bonus: let’s get a head start on 2010 and ban the word “Womanizer” right now] 

"Economy" – Here’s to an “economy”-less New Year! 

"I Could Care Less" – If you could care less, then you obviously care at least a little bit. How about instead saying “I couldN’T care less” during 2009? 

"Tinseltown" – It’s called Hollywood, people. Quit the needless euphemisms. 

"Blockbuster" – (nothing against the video rental store) How is it that every movie is somehow a “blockbuster”?  Does anyone really know what that means anymore? 

"Lil' Wayne" – So maybe he is a chart-topper, but couldn’t he have picked a better name? Having to say “Li’l Wayne” is as bad as saying “Mute Math” or “Five for Fighting” when talking about music. Puh-leeze.

What words do you hate? Add yours in the comments, and we'll compile the ultimate Patrol list of 2009's banned words.

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  1. levi says:

    “ResiliencY”, “CompetencY”. Since when were resilience and competence not strong enoungh words that we had to start adding syllables? I’m looking at you, sports announcers…

  2. Tim says:


    I am literally going to kill every person I hear using this word.

  3. detoxretox24 says:

    “omg” should be banned from being said out loud, along with “idk”. Pathetic that we can’t say three simple words. What’s next? “Ily?”

  4. David says:

    ESPECIALLY “idk.” I hate that so much. And agreed about “omg” and “literally,” too.

  5. Mark P says:

    I think I hate Wall Street/Main Street most of all.

  6. Judah says:

    Please take “ginormous” away. Please.

  7. Jacob Parrish says:

    I actually happen to like “ginormous,” though only in a very limited manner; but “idk” must go NOW.

  8. Tim says:


  9. my momma was writing “ily” on little notes to us long before Al Gore ever invented the internet, so I’ll fight for that one. But it is only to be used in moderation, and only in writing—never in verbal speech.

    Those who incorrectly use “literally” should be annihilated with WMDs.

    How about “a hundred and ten percent” or any expression of enthusiasm/commitment tha t uses a number higher than 100. It just doesn’t exist, people.

  10. Joel says:

    5. Totes (purporting to be short for “totally”)
    4. Saying LOL, BRB, G2G, or anything else in text speak.
    3. That’s what she said.
    2. “Joe the Plumber”
    1. (Should this be considered a tie?) Epic Fail, or any conjunction of the words Epic and Fail.

    (Words or phrases so over they don’t even deserve to be listed: uber, cool beans, your mom anything, bromance, BFF)

  11. Jacob Parrish says:

    – I agree with the #9 post 100%

    – Joe the Plumber should definitely be banned, Joel. Good call.

  12. Keith Ross says:

    It would be great if people didn’t use text message abbreviations in verbal communication. Other than that, any of the cliches created by the previous election cycle should be forgotten as soon as possible. I would list the ones that haven’t already been mentioned, but I’ve already done my best to forget them.

  13. David says:

    We need to have a fight over “fail.” I’m down with banning “epic fail,” but to me, using “fail” as a noun is still funny, particularly when paired with an adjective (ie, a “law enforcement fail”). Can’t we keep saying that for a while?

  14. Zach says:

    “Comeback” or “Comeback of the Year”, specifically in reference to Mickey Rourke.
    “Bailout” – How’d they miss that one?
    “Jay Leno” – I’m so freaking tired of that guy, and not at all happy that he’s going to be on EARLIER now. If he’s leaving late night TV, he should be leaving the vernacular altogether.
    “ObamaMania” – fools, it’s “Obamania”
    “Brangelina” – stop it, stop it, oh please stop it.
    TMZ” – It’s like Entertainment Tonight without the entertainment.
    Any word that could be repeated more than twice in any given episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Just say it once, and leave it at that.

  15. Croft says:

    Telling me what you HAS, as opposed to what you have, whether it’s cheezburgers or not.

  16. Justin says:

    No, no we cannot. “Fail” is just not funny. It reeks of meme-spouting 4channers and Farkers.

    “Indie” — look, if your band is being used in ads for cartoon insurance salesmen, you’re not indie. If your concert is brought to you by Bud Light and Clear Channel, you’re not indie. If your mumbly voiced-CD is being sold by the thousands at Best Buy, you’re not indie.

  17. Amica Paige says:

    BOGO”, which is the advertising world’s acronym for “buy one, get one free”, that consumers have turned into a word, itself.
    …it’s “like “ “totally” “so not”…“you know”…cool.

  18. D.L. says:

    the last comment reminded me of the most abused word in the english language which should be ommitted from everyone’s vocabulary. “LIKE
    It’s LIKE, awful

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