Now that Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of the race for, you know, "personal reasons," perhaps David Paterson will take another look at his deadpan promise to appoint Michelle Obama: "We should take a woman, and I need someone who has a presence here," he said.

The fact that everyone would be thrilled if he actually did made me wonder if this is the start of another political family dynasty. It's not unbelievable. It's near-cliche already to compare them to the Kennedys. Michelle Obama is as smart and adored as her husband and far more likeable than Hillary Clinton. His daughters are already poised little trend-setters. (I could never vote for Chelsea Clinton because to me, she will always wear braces and have frizzy hair.)

At least this one would have a slightly more democratic start since Obama's family doesn't yet have the entrenched connections of the Bush and Kennedy families. JFK's grandparents may have been Irish-American immigrants, but he didn't exactly grow up in Obama's lonely anonymity.

An Obama dynasty is especially likely since the Kennedy, Bush and Clinton dynasties have devolved into descendants who are failed (won't name names), inarticulate but entitled (Caroline), spoiled and wild (pretty much of all of them), or about as exciting as burnt toast (Chelsea). Hillary may be the last of the leaders. It's about time to elevate  more bright, pretty people to royalty and then watch them slide into ruin. 


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