Today is Empathy Day. Apparently every Wednesday is Empathy Day. I just learned about this through Twitter, however, so I have a lot of empathizing to make up for.

I feel empathy for Culture 11, a conservative online magazine started the same time as Patrol in its current version, which died today. And Domino Magazine, which also died.

I feel empathy for Rich Cizik since the National Association of Evangelicals is now advertising for his replacement. Whatever you think of his endorsement of gay civil unions, it's sad to leave the NAE after 28 years of work.

I empathize with Bill Clinton, since he is a skank and thus can't tell the offensive jokes nice old man, George H.W. Bush, can tell. 

After I composed a judgey tweet about people who wear fur coats, a friend requested I feel empathy for those who have chosen to wear fur. I think they should feel empathy for me, because they are way warmer than I am right now. 

I feel empathy for Joaquin Phoenix, who is so weird and unshaven now.

I feel empathy for the women who bitch about their once-rich, now-poor boyfriends in Dating a Banker Anonymous. It is sad to be that selfish and shallow

Share the empathy. Who do you feel deeply sorry for today? 


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