The City Room surveys the latest Zagat guide: New York City Dating (and Dumping) Guide. Zagat surveyed over 2,000 people living in New York, Los Angeles and other cities, coming up with some educational stuff:

  • The best ways to meet someone in New York: friends and family (33 percent). Second best: online (25 percent). Worst places: blind dates, church and the gym.
  • About 60 percent of New Yorkers think men should pay on the first date, compared to 40 percent of L.A. respondents. Some 53 percent of L.A. residents said whoever asked should pay compared to 35 percent of New Yorkers.
  • About 53 percent of New York respondents endorsed "Defining the Relationship" (DTR) talks "after you’ve been dating for awhile and he/she still doesn’t refer to you as ‘boyfriend’/'girlfriend.’” 
  • This is the best. New Yorkers will date pretty much anyone except non-New Yorkers. More than half (54 percent) said they would not date someone outside the New York metro region, but 85 percent would date outside their nationality and income bracket, 82 percent would date outside their religion and 80 percent outside their age group. Two-thirds would date outside their race, education level and political party.

Read the rest of it here.

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