The New York Times is running a series of New York photos by James Hill, a photographer who lives in Russia and took a two-week visit to New York City. The black-and-white photography is arresting, like this photo of a woman balancing three coffee cups while walking past a men's clothing store. 

But I especially love what he writes about New York

One important thing about New York is that it is not a capital city. I have lived in some of the great European capitals: London, Rome, Paris and, since 2003, Moscow. But they are a touch too patriotic to be shared. New York is an American city, of course, but it is also ours, the world’s.

To the athlete at Brighton Beach, I can speak Russian; to the Sicilian boccie players in Dyker Beach Park, I speak Italian. If I knew Spanish or Hindi, there are thousands of others I could be connecting to on another level. And that is the point. New York is not just the city of my dreams, but the city of millions of other dreamers, too. …

Even those people who have never been to New York know New York. It’s like a long-lost friend that you suddenly find standing next to you, intimately. …

I walked miles and miles, staring, gazing, listening, talking. I tried hard not to fall in love with the place. In that, of course, I failed.

Me, too.

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