A passerby asked a young girl, “What are all of you girls waiting in the cold for?” The girl nonchalantly replied, “The Jonas Brothers. Duh.”

On Saturday, fans in middle school, high school and college alike waited, shrieking, in a cluster on the sidewalk near the Apple store at Fifth Avenue and 59th street. Unamused male faces—fathers, boyfriends and younger brothers who were dragged into the cold—dotted the crowd. Fifteen-year old Danielle Barone from Long Island waited outside in 40-degree weather for four hours before the Jonas Brothers made an appearance.

 “An email was sent out for their fan club and through their MySpace,” she explained, “for all the fans in the New York City area to come down to 59th street and cheer them on.” The brothers were doing an interview on the CBS Early Show to promote their 3-D concert movie, due out next week, and a few fans would be hand-picked to ask questions. My 13-year-old sister wasn’t one of the lucky ones selected, but she had her question ready. “I probably would’ve asked Nick if he’s really dating Selena Gomez. I’m curious.” The girls around nodded, hopeful that they might one day be the girl linked to the youngest brother.

An estimated 250-300 girls crowded around the filming area, being told by security to “stop shoving” and “take one giant step back” from the barricade. Filming lasted a half-hour, and finally appeased the devoted girls with long-awaited autographs. The shrieking was louder than ever (“Oh my GOD! Will you be my valentine?”), and flash, flash, flash came from every camera within a 20-foot radius. Jordan Green, 21, said she took a two-hour extended lunch break to catch a glimpse of the boys. “With their success, to be this close is a once in a lifetime chance. I have my entire life to build a career.”

While in New York, the Jonas Brothers unveiled their wax figures at Madam Tussauds on Thursday and performed with Alex Baldwin on Saturday Night Live.

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  1. Kirk says:

    Why do the Jonas Brothers insist that rolling up their jacket sleeves is cool? I can’t comprehend.

  2. Effie says:

    Hi i’m Effie in Australia and I just won’t to say We all Love you

  3. I’m thinking of a particular Katy Perry song. ahem

  4. skylar says:

    Nick Joe and Kevin you guys are the best i have ever seen at your age. you guys rock!


  5. Kirk says:

    @4 I think someone is confused by this post.

  6. Fallon says:

    Kirk, I think so, too. It’s all good.

  7. Nicklvr25 says:

    I would wait in the cold for the Jonas Brothers any day any time I would do that.

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